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    2017 Winter Event

    Committee to Elect Mike Connolly invites you to a winter fundraiser to celebrate Rep. Connolly's first year in office. Guest speakers include Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, State Senator Pat Jehlen, Cambridge City Councillor-elect Sumbul Siddiqui and more, to be announced.
    Contact Matt Miller via Matt@MikeConnolly.org with questions or to get involved.
    All are welcome to attend regardless of ability to contribute. Contributions to the Committee to Elect Mike Connolly will be graciously accepted. Thank you!
    November 20, 2017 at 6pm
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    Thank you Cambridge and Somerville

    In the first contested Democratic primary in the 26th Middlesex District in over a decade, our campaign won with 54% of the vote.

    Thank you to the friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, organizations, staff, and volunteers who came together to make this victory possible. Most importantly, thank you to the voters of Cambridge and Somerville who have placed their confidence in me to be our next State Representative. I still have a general election in November, but I will be the only name on the ballot. 

    I am so, so proud of our grassroots campaign and all of our staff and volunteers. Our success was only possible because of your efforts and constant support.

    I also want to express my deepest respect for Representative Tim Toomey. His lifelong commitment and continued service to the people of Cambridge and Somerville is without comparison. We are all so very fortunate to live in a diverse community where the spirit of civic engagement and concern for our neighbors is so incredibly strong. We must continue working together to make progress for everyone.

    To everyone who came together to provide me with this opportunity to serve in the state legislature, I am so incredibly grateful. I cannot wait to get started working for you. I know — now, more than ever — that when we work together and stick to our principles, we can accomplish great things!