26th Middlesex State House District


The 26th Middlesex District consists of all of Ward 1, Ward 2-1, all of Ward 3, and Ward 6-1 in Cambridge, and all of Ward 1 and Ward 2-1 in Somerville. This includes the following neighborhoods and places:

  • East Somerville
  • East Cambridge
  • parts of Union Square
  • Inman Square
  • Central Square
  • Area IV/Port
  • Wellington-Harrington
  • some of mid-Cambridge
  • Brickbottom and the Inner Belt area
  • Assembly Square
  • North Point (a.k.a. Cambridge Crossing)
  • parts of the Kendall Square area

For additional information and an overall map of the district, click here. For a map of the district showing precinct lines, click here.

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