Election Day 2022


Polls are now open until 8 pm today.

Have you voted yet? Or do you have a plan to return your ballot or vote in person?

If you are still holding on to a Vote By Mail ballot, Secretary Galvin recommends that voters who have yet to mail their ballot bring it to a local drop box to avoid it not reaching election officials in time. Technically, it has to be postmarked by today and arrive at the local elections office by 5 pm on Saturday — but the surest way to ensure it is counted is to return it today.

Also please note: many wards, precincts, and polling locations have changed this year as a result of the Constitutionally-required decennial redistricting process.

For City of Cambridge voting information, please see the Cambridge Election Commission website.

For City of Somerville voting information, please see the Somerville Elections Department website.

For statewide polling location information, please visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website.

Here in Massachusetts, we have a historic opportunity to elect women to our Constitutional Offices and to win tax fairness and some immigrant justice by voting Yes on Questions 1 and 4. For the record, I voted Yes on all four questions.

I'm proud to support the Maura Healey and Kim Driscoll ticket — they will be the first all-woman elected gubernatorial ticket in our nation's history, and Maura Healey will be the first open lesbian elected Governor in our nation's history as well. In addition, I am very excited that Maura has included support for local option rent control in her housing platform, and she's also expressed support for our fossil fuel-free local demonstration projects and supervised consumption sites, which are proven to help save lives in response to the opioid epidemic.

It's also important to support Diana DiZoglio for State Auditor — I've been proud to call her a colleague in the state legislature, but she's now facing some vicious attacks from Charlie Baker's political machine as Republicans try to hold on to a single statewide office. Diana is smart, tough, fearless, and very independent, a perfect combination for the position of state auditor.

Nationally, we face the very real possibility of an end to the democratic system and the total loss of reproductive freedom if election-denying Republicans are allowed to gain control of Congress. Let's hope the polls are wrong, and please do everything you can to encourage your friends and relatives in other states to vote blue today.

Anyways, I'm heading off to the polls right now to record voter turnout data for the Maura Healey, Kim Driscoll, and Andrea Campbell campaigns. Then circa noontime, I'll be joining Maura Healey and Ayanna Pressley at the West Branch Library in Somerville.

Please make sure your voice is heard in this critical moment, and as always, feel free to contact me directly with any questions about voting here in Cambridge and Somerville.

Yours in service,

Rep. Mike Connolly

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