Our Progressive Platform

Our campaign is bringing people together to advance a progressive agenda for Cambridge and Somerville. Over the past five months, Mike and our team of volunteers have been knocking on doors and talking directly with voters. We've had countless conversations, and we've been taking notes. This platform is the product of those conversations; it represents the progressive values of our community and aims to make good on the promise of our Commonwealth.

  1. Invest in Transit Infrastructure

    • Complete the Green Line Extension — it's been 26 years since the state was ordered to build the GLX.
    • Raise revenue for the MBTA; address the $7.3 billion maintenance backlog.
    • Replace the McGrath Highway with a green, at-grade boulevard.
    • Complete the Somerville Community Path.
    • Complete the Grand Junction Path.
    • Promote bike safety and Vision Zero.
  2. Protect Affordable Housing

    • Protect existing affordable housing.
    • Create more and varied kinds of affordable housing, through more aggressive inclusionary zoning, support for community land trusts, and better public-private partnerships.
    • Provide tax relief to homeowners who are "house rich, cash poor."
    • Reinvest in public housing.
    • Tax big developers and speculators; use this revenue to subsidize affordable rentals and retail.
    • Require universities to provide affordable housing to grad students and postdocs.
  3. Achieve "Net Zero" Carbon Emissions

    • Support for at least 2 gigawatts/year offshore wind.
    • Put a price on carbon, such as a "revenue neutral" carbon tax.
    • Eliminate solar net metering caps.
    • Establish declining block grants for SRECs.
    • Accelerate the Renewable Portfolio Standard.
    • Increase energy efficiency.
    • Fix gas leaks and stop the pipelines.
  4. Strengthen Public Education

  5. Fight for Economic Justice

    • $15 minimum wage, indexed to inflation.
    • Equal Pay for Women.
    • Paid Family Medical Leave.
    • Earned Sick Time.
    • Support for Organized Labor.
    • Fair Share Amendment to tax millionaires.
    • Organize for a more progressive tax system.
  6. Healthcare as a Human Right

  7. Reform the Criminal Justice System

    • Repeal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing.
    • Affirm that Black Lives Matter.
    • Support the TRUST Act.
    • Legalize Marijuana.
    • End the War on Drugs.
    • Demilitarize the police and support for campaign zero.
  8. Reform the Political System

    • Clean Elections — Big Money Out of Politics.
    • Term Limits for the Speaker of the House.
    • Reform the legislative committee process.

Our campaign is proud to be endorsed by Mass Alliance, the state's largest coalition of progressive organizations, as well as Mass-Care (the campaign for single-payer healthcare), NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, Democratic Socialists of America, and Massachusetts Peace Action. These groups are supporting Mike because they understand we need new, progressive voices on Beacon Hill.

That said, Mike also recognizes that he cannot achieve these goals on his own. As an organizer and community leader, Mike is a catalyst for our collective action. The only way we can move our community forward is by doing it together. 

Please email Mike directly with any feedback, thoughts, or questions about our platform. Also note: this platform is currently in draft form; the final version will be completed in the coming weeks pending additional feedback. Thank you!

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